Digital Platform

Digital Solutions: Drive convenience and engagement with brand integrated or stand-alone digital offerings to enhance lifestyle experiences.

Drive uptake of offers and privileges because your customers have more ways to take action. Drive customer engagement and retention because your customers enjoy a differentiated menu of benefits, services, and experiences and easy ways to engage and access them.

Our digital platform supports a wide spectrum of lifestyle experiences facilitating both mundane transactional activities such as requesting a limo pickup from the airport or making a real-time dining reservation as well as complex experiential planning activities such as discovering local curated dining options, booking hotels for a complex travel itinerary, booking experiences and activities or that R&R spa treatment.

Clients can leverage our secure and flexible digital capabilities, enabled via standard white-labeled assets or exposed via APIs, to deploy customized and branded experiences to maintain a single brand journey for customers. Our continued digital and content investment lays the groundwork for our clients across to globe to connect with and service customers in locally relevant digital contexts. Aspire constantly innovates new solutions and continuously integrates a rich set of partner offerings and high-tech capabilities to create extraordinary experiences for our customers, every day.

Our Platforms

Our integrated suite of products provides instantaneous, on-the-go access to benefits, Concierge services, or account management—from any device, anytime, anywhere.

Designed to complement branding needs and customer profiles, our white-labeled responsive website and native mobile applications are content-curated and customized to deliver an immersive, tailored premium brand experience to your customers. Every interaction is achieved by means of direct relationship with our CRM, content and digital services platform, backed by security that meets the strictest standards adopted by the likes of financial institutions. Add to this our Concierges who are equipped with a single view of customer profiles and request history, and your customers get high-touch, high-tech, hands-on servicing.

The Aspire Native Mobile App, available on iOS or Android, can also be branded and customized and offered to customers to explore content, find local offers, benefits or privileges through location-based filtering, connect with concierge through messaging for on the go information or assistance and place requests for booking across lifestyle categories.

Our web platform and native iOS and Android apps can be tailored to your customers’ needs and expectations. Key features of our white-label digital assets:

  • Access to self-serve and Concierge-managed booking capabilities across lifestyle categories.
  • Live chat and messaging hosted by real people
  • Bot based servicing for key categories and benefits
  • Single Sign On (SSO) capability using client login with Okta Secure Web Authentication
  • API integration of benefits into Concierge knowledge-base and digital assets
  • Support multi-country and multi-language coverage
  • WCAG 2.0 AA compliant web assets

Chat and Messaging

Aspire’s enterprise-level conversation management platform supports instant chat and messaging. In addition to integrated Web and Mobile messaging, Aspire offers out of the box support for 3rd party messaging channels including Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, SMS (1-way / 2-way), Apple Business Chat, LINE, Kakao Talk and WeChat.

To drive a rich and native experience for customers, Aspire’s Chat capability offers a plethora of rich features including automated messaging for multiple categories and scenarios, PCI-DSS compliant secure forms for collecting payment and sensitive information, structured content cards (if supported by the channel), rich end of session surveys for conducting quality assessments and the ability to route chats to specialized agents to drive personalize or expert servicing in specific categories and across multiple languages.

Extend our Concierge capabilities to users anywhere with enterprise-level conversation management that

  • Makes your brand and benefits immediately accessible from anywhere in the world
  • Provides ability to make immediate bookings with PCI-DSS compliant payment processing
  • Conducting immediate surveys for NPS assessment
  • Integrate bot-based servicing to drive scale and manage routine informational tasks
  • Enable on-the-go servicing via mobile and web-based messaging

Content & Integrations

Aspire Lifestyles maintains a catalogue of exclusive global privileges that in turn are offered to your customers. With real-time booking capabilities across multiple categories, your customers can tap into our partner network for hotels, dining, airport transfers, airfare, and any of the other 10,000-plus amenities we provide.

Through a comprehensive set of REST and XML APIs as well as Aspire and partner SDKs, we enable capability for clients to directly integrate with various Aspire functions from content, to concierge requests, to user preferences, chat and self-service lifestyle functions. Our API platform allows existing brands to simply plug into Aspire Lifestyles’ capabilities into already running channels and products for seamless access and improved customer journeys.


Aspire provides analytics and insights that decode customers’ usage behaviors. We orchestrate your program to account for past and present trends, and future opportunities—be it previous spending behavior, current desires/requests via Concierge, or future needs met by having advanced digital solutions in place.

Aspire’s data aggregation and analytics capabilities help clients understand how customers are utilizing concierge and lifestyle services across their engagement lifecycle. Using an industry leading data analytics and visualization toolsets, Aspire’s Data & Insights platform has the capability to query customer interactions, engagements and transactions in near real-time to discover insights about customers and program usage.

Our Data & Insights platform provides the ability for Clients to directly engage with analytics and BI capability in a self-service capacity, allowing clients the flexibility and power to self-manage insight and reporting needs. Aspire also develops proprietary indexes to benchmark market and category level usage patterns across industries and verticals to enable clients to better plan their program offering.

Analyze customer behavior and program usage via Aspire Interactive Data Visualization BI Tools with features to:

  • Aggregate different data sources in a single view of customer interactions
  • Self-service access to insights and analysis to understand behavior and program performance
  • Develop and fine-tune program options and based on customer usage and data driven intelligence