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Concierge Services

Exceptional without exception

The sacred Indian ritual of Nadayiruthal involves the offering of elephants to the gods and goddesses of local temples. Elephants selected for Nadayiruthal lead happy lives dedicated to the service of their chosen deity. In recent times, Nadayiruthal has become increasingly rare, losing favour to simpler offerings such as gold and silver.

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Airport Services

An Expendient Experience

Mr. Smith was on a tour of Asia with important client meetings in four major cities. He was told that some of the cities he was visiting had difficult arrival and departure procedures and often long immigration queues. Mr. Smith made a call to Aspire Lifestyles to find out his best options for a smooth journey and the Lifestyle Concierge was able to advise him on the best solutions to get though the airports quickly.

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Custom Benefits & Experiences

Curating The World’s Finest

A client approached us to assist them in designing and building a truly differentiated global benefits offering that would enable them to re-launch and re-invigorate their long-standing product set. As dining was a clear favourite per customer spend data, it was determined to be the benefit programme’s centrepiece.

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Digital Solutions

Creating Meaningful connection

When it comes to increasing customer engagement and brand loyalty, we know that it’s critical for your brand to be present wherever your customers are. One of our clients came to us with those exact objectives and requested that we build a best-in-class mobile app for their premium programme, serving a valued and highly affluent customer base.

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Travel, Medical & Security Assistance

Complete Travel Confidence

During a holiday with his wife and children in Mozambique, 49-year-old Alex from Australia suffered severe chest pain the evening before their scheduled flight home. With his pain worsening through the night, Alex’s wife needed to find help urgently but did not know who to turn to in a foreign country.

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Pink of Health

When Mrs. Wang awoke to the sound of her baby wailing loudly in the middle of the night, she was concerned to discover her child running a high fever and covered in rashes. With her husband away on business, Mrs. Wang turned to Aspire Lifestyles’ Healthline service for assistance.

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Auto & Home Assistance

Timely Assistance at Home or on the Road

While driving to her much anticipated high school reunion in Johannesburg, South Africa, Ms. Muller’s car suffered a burst front left tyre. Considering she did not have a spare tyre, her chances of making it to the reunion seemed impossible.

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