Aspire Lifestyles India Expands to Mumbai

Aspire Lifestyles is pleased to announce that our India expansion continues to make way to Mumbai. From early October, the delivery centre will be relocating to an expanded space in the heart of Mumbai. The Qube is one of Mumbai’s latest new-age corporate park designed by renowned architects, Talati & Panthaky. The building structure is defined by minimal clean lines with an aesthetically pleasing facade and optimally designed interiors.

Since the inception of Aspire Lifestyles in New Delhi in 2001, the size of our business, talent and product offerings have grown sizably. With this relocation, the new Mumbai delivery centre will feature world-class infrastructure, along with state-of-the-art Concierge platform, that will allow us to continue to deliver the ultimate customer experience for our clients.

“India will be home to almost half a million “dollar millionaires” by 2018 and this figure is expected to double by 2023. Mumbai, which is considered to be the financial, commercial & entertainment capital of India, holds the highest number and houses the corporate headquarters of several banks, financial institutions & fortune 500 companies. In addition to enhancing our current client relationships, this strategic move will also allow us to showcase our best-in-class delivery centre to prospective clients as well,” said Saurabh Soni, Director of Aspire Lifestyles India.