Amazing Stories – A Moving Delivery

There is a Chinese saying “Love can move a mountain!” But what about a moving train?

Mr. Lai was taking his girlfriend on a trip to celebrate her birthday. They were scheduled to be on a train journey on that day itself and he wanted to surprise her with a birthday cake and a bouquet of flowers to be delivered on the train at the specific time – the auspicious 1800 hours.

The Aspire Lifestyles Concierge Consultants are very adept at arranging birthday cakes and flowers deliveries, but when the intended recipient is on a moving train, that can prove challenging. But it is such challenges that make us different…….so our Concierge Centre in Beijing put in that extra effort to ensure that Mr. Lai’s girlfriend has an unforgettable birthday!

The Concierge Team decided that the safest way to ensure a timely delivery was to identify a florist who can despatch a deliveryman to be on the same train! It took many calls and finally we made a special arrangement with a renowned florist. However, there was a last minute hitch –Mr. Lai and his girlfriend could not be found in their seats.

Fortunately, we had the foresight to ask the delivery man to first locate their whereabouts at least 10 minutes before the agreed delivery time. An exchange of text messages finally led the deliveryman to the dining car.

Can you imagine the look on the face of Mr. Lai’s girlfriend when the cake and flowers were presented to her right on the dot at 1800 hours? Priceless!

*All names have been amended as part of our Client Privacy Policy.

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