Our People, Our Stories – Storytelling

The best stories are truthful, unspoken and universal.

Born and raised in the Garden City that is Singapore, I have always being a true blue city dweller. Growing up amidst urban housing, modern transportation and technology, I certainly have lived a very comfortable life. Yet, my passion is trekking, a sport that involves walking long distances in natural or rural environments. One may question why I would choose a sport that involves carrying heavy loads, climbing rough terrain and travelling using my primitive legs. My answer: to find stories.

Storytelling is an art as old as time, through the ages we have passed down both knowledge and imagination through stories. Stories originate from many places and have many different forms, yet they all convey simple universal truths. In search of these truths, I trek to the oldest places in the world.

Time and time again I use my holidays to return to the mountains in search of my next big experience. From snow capped mountains to roaring streams, from joining remote communities to camping under the stars, each journey sews new memories and nourishes my soul. Nothing makes me happier than sipping tea while bathing in the splendid sunset at the end of each day, or having my morning coffee in the shadow of the mountains. Isolated from the hustle and bustle of the world, I am given time to process the intricate stories spoken by the mountains and its inhabitants.

Up in the mountains, the wind whips my hair into a frenzy, cold crisp air fills my lungs while the sun glows gloriously in my eyes. The energy emitted by the mountains is like no other in the world, reaching people of all cultures and generations. Despite having no voice or language, the mountains call out to people, and they respond in kind. Just like a good brand, they dominate their surroundings and stand steadfast against the ever changing torrent of elements.

After each trek, I am excited to share my travels, to attempt the impossible task of describing experiences gained through my five senses. It is here where as an aspiring marketer, I seek to tell the simple truths within engaging stories. Hopefully, it is these stories that will inspire my audience to dare to dream and to bring their ideas to life.

– Aaron Fabian Seow, Marketing Intern