Amazing Stories – The Rare Flower

There is a Chinese saying “Love can move a mountain!” But what about a moving train?

Mr. Sergei Mikhailov* knew exactly what to send to his wife on her birthday – a bouquet of special flowers, but the name of the flowers did not come readily to mind. Mr Mikhail and his wife had come across this rare species during their many travels. Fortunately, Mr. Mikhail had a picture of the flower, so he called the Concierge Service provided by his credit card company.

Our Concierge Team in Moscow, using the picture sent by Mr. Sergei, searched for the flower’s name, armed solely with the information that this flower grows only in the Crimea. It was a slow process but finally, the team hit the jackpot – the flower was called “Carduus”, which is a genus of flowering plants in the aster family and that are native to Eurasia and Africa. However, that was only half of the battle won. They then had to find a florist that sells this somewhat rare floral arrangement.

The search went all the way to the Botanic Gardens in Minsk, which agreed to send the flowers through a florist requested by the Concierge.

There is a saying that “Flowers speak a thousand words,” but Mrs. Mikhailova was speechless when the bouquet of Carduus was presented to her, making it a very memorable birthday indeed!

*All names have been amended as part of our Client Privacy Policy.

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