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Life is a journey best explored through passion!

From a young age my lifestyle has been transient. My first journey started at my birth place in Sukothai, Thailand. Moving from one place to another until eventually settling in the United Kingdom.  Growing up in London in such a vibrant, hip, trendy city, it was inevitable that I would have a diverse spectrum of interests as there are no ends in choices!

First passion began with dance, entering and being accepted into the Royal Academy of Dance.  I was truly inspired and fortunate to learn with the most talented dancers in the world. With dance came my love for music, and choosing to play the least popular but obvious instrument.  Starting with the bass guitar, I later moved to drumming at which point I was lucky enough to be part of a band that performed at the Round House in Chalk Farm.  This was the pinnacle of my music career!!

And then fashion caught up on me …

With a keen eye for footwear, most of my weekends were spent on the coolest street of Soho, London working part-time in a store that specalised in selling the most wanted and exclusive edition footwear.  Some of my favourite memories? Meeting and hanging out with some cool customers, Liv Taylor, Pharrell William, Macy Gray to name a few.

From dance to music to fashion and then the corporate world …

The world of suits provided the foundation and opportunity of working in a fast-paced environment with constant challenges to trouble shoot and remain positive and solutions focused.  After a few years in the corporate world, eventually my personal life became the focus of my journey when I became the proud mother of a wonderful baby girl.  On returning to work, I decided to focus on learning and development; the idea of nurturing and supporting growth by imparting my knowledge in people became my passion.

And then came an amazing opportunity to move to Beijing for 5 years!

With my background and penchant for travel, I have always loved and wanted to see more of Asia so this move was a perfect stepping stone.  Learning a new language, culture, trying new food, music and the opportunity to explore China …

So where am I today?

A global citizen currently based in Singapore, exploring the region and continuing to making the most of its diverse culture, art and music scene.

– Sue Mills, Group Quality and Training Manager