Amazing Stories – Key to a Forbidden Island

Ms. Ching is an avid backpacker. In her opinion, the best way to travel and get a firsthand experience of how the local people live is to do it the backpacker way, down the untrodden path, so to speak. Her latest destination: East Rocky Island in Taizhou, Zhejiang Province in China.

She started to search for information on this island known for its unspoilt natural scenery and marine sea-life but because the island was not officially opened to tourists, she was unable to learn much about transportation and accommodation. That was when she turned to the Shanghai Concierge Team for help.

The Concierge left no stone unturned in an effort to help Ms. Ching obtain the information she required in preparation for her trip. Unfortunately, not much information was available. Finally, a decision was made to reach out to the local government office for help and to our surprise, it was the Mayor of Taizhou himself, upon hearing from the team on how enthusiastic Ms. Ching was, decided to step in. He gave instructions for Ms. Ching to be a special guest of the provincial government and saw to it that she was accorded a VIP guest status upon her arrival.

A very surprised and grateful Ms. Ching wrote to the team as follows:

“Dear Lily, Thank you so much for your useful information! I did a lot of research on this trip but I could not find anything on the website. It is so difficult to find any information! I almost gave up my planning before I contacted you. However, your response was a big surprise for me! It helps my trip becomes possible!”

Ms. Ching, the pleasure was all ours. Happy backpacking to the East Rocky Island!”

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