Head of Banking Sector

A. Overall Purpose Of The Job

The incumbent is directly responsible for developing businesses in banking industry in East Region and North Region. The sector head’s performance will be measured by his/her achievement of gross margin sales targets, as well as business/market development progresses and other KPIs.

The sector head reports to head of Sales (now acting by CEO, Aspire Lifestyles China), to identify profitable and sustainable business opportunities, develop and execute well controlled sales plans, close new sales, cross sell other services to existing clients and retain existing accounts. The sector head also needs to proactively take part in product development and marketing activities.

This sector head role has 2 direct reporting BDMs. He/she is therefore responsible for supervising, coaching and supporting BDM and other people to develop markets in their assigned industries and accomplish their business objectives.

B. Key Responsibilities

1. Supervise and coach BDMs on the following tasks:

  • Research the markets and monitor key trends to capture major new business opportunities. Understand competitions. Build up strong industry knowledge and expertise.
  • Aggressively identify prospects in B2B environment. Develop and nurture relationship with key personnel at multiple levels. Build up Aspire brand equity and “top-of-the-mind” positions in all product lines among the assigned industry sectors.
  • Analyse and map the size of business opportunities with each target.  Develop and execute aggressive and prioritized prospecting plan and pipeline of high margin business to achieve quarterly and annual gross margin sales targets.
  • Identify prospects/clients’ real needs through consultative probing. Effectively influence and facilitate prospects from recognizing their needs to working out suitable solutions and making final buying decisions. Such solutions are usually marketing/ positioning/packaging of services built around our delivery platform and can make our services easily understood, communicated and have good marketing value in a B2C environment.
  • Convince prospects of Aspire lifestyles values, significantly differentiate us against competitors.

2. Develop and execute Key Account Management plans, by lending appropriate management support when needed.  This role also serves as a gate keeper to provide inputs to Senior Management for c-level Key Account strategy and execution.

3. Take the lead in ensuring favourable contractual and commercial terms for Aspire and to proactively engage clients to promote service utilizations and effectively manage clients’ expectations.

4. Work closely with the Operations Department to support BDMs and develop high quality, deliverable, customized and long term, sustainable solutions based on prospects’ needs and objectives and within Aspire Lifestyles' capability and capacity. Ensure service delivery is to exceed client’s expectations.

Required Skills and Knowledge

  • Results Focus - Effectively sets and achieves realistic goals, monitors progress and assesses quality, develops and follows action plans, seeks feedback and modifies accordingly.
  • Adaptability / Flexibility - Successful performance in changing environments, positive attitude to change, willing to use new techniques, modifies behaviour successfully in response to change.
  • Planning / Organisation - Plans and prepares for future events, able to formulate clear and structured plans, effectively prioritises tasks and resources, establishes milestones and sets realistic expectations of themselves
  • Teamwork - Actively encourages a team culture, provides honest and constructive feedback, performs own team duties responsibly and effectively, builds trust, actively listens and checks understanding.
  • Leadership - Uses appropriate interpersonal styles to inspire and guide others, capable of adapting style and approach, motivates action in others, and facilitates change, skilled and persuasive negotiator.
Required Competencies
  • Consultative probing skills: discover clients’ needs by asking right questions, listening & summarizing
  • Presentation skills: using marketing language to communicate & present intangible service solutions and demonstrate Intl.SOS and Aspire values.  Able to persuade, influence and convince.
  • People skills: networking, relationship building & nurturing
  • Strong business sense
  • Negotiation skills, Consultative & professional selling skills in B2B environment
  • Buying facilitation skills to professionally guide, influence & facilitate client through the entire buying process
  • Innovative, creative and flexible to market customized solutions built around Aspire capability / capacity to facilitate clients’ purchases
  • Able to develop and maintain management level relationship with clients’  various functional heads e.g. product development, marketing, service, CRM, and concurrently win trust among all
  • Project management skills in handling multiple priorities
  • People leadership skills in developing BDMs and enhancing team work
  • Fluency in both written and spoken English and Mandarin languages

Required Work Experience

  • >10 years’ experiences of direct sales & marketing of intangible services;
  • Experience in solution selling to clients’ product development, marketing and/or operations departments
  • Work experience in both management consulting and entrepreneurial environments
  • Strong work experience in banking industry and exposures to Sales & Marketing or product functions
  • Experiences in managing direct reports

Required Qualifications

  • Strong sense of responsibility and ownership
  • Aggressive: strong will to win and excel
  • Strong desire to learn & fast learning
  • Driving: mobilize all resources to win
  • Able to work under pressure
  • Passionate, positive, constructive, energetic & enthusiastic
  • Care, and willing to help
  • Highly confident
  • Entrepreneurial
  • Team work
  • Business acumen
  • Mature
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