5 Minutes with Chef Guy Grossi

Guy Grossi, the entertaining Italian master Chef, is the synonymous name behind famous restaurants like Grossi Florentino, Merchant Osteria Veneta and the Grill. Grossi Florentino, one of the leading restaurants in Australia, was nominated in the World Luxury Restaurant Awards 2016. Great care is taken when sourcing produce and the kitchen preserves the integrity of these ingredients while remaining true to tradition. Merchant broadens the net for specialty in Italian dining providing a passionate and warm expression of North Italian heritage to Melbourne. Designed by Mills and Gorman, the large space allows guests to choose where to dine. Having reopened since February 2016, The Grill welcomes guests with its sophisticated feel from natural warm surfaces and hand crafted finishes. The space focuses on the purest treatment of seasonal local produce which enables the authentic style of Tuscan eating to be enjoyed.

Aspire Lifestyles: Chef Grossi, tell us about your food philosophy?

Chef Grossi: Quite simply I like to think about it as looking at our territory. The territory our parents left behind in Italy and our new territory being Australia. Drawing from local seasonal produce, we blend cooking styles taken from our heritage to deliver something true to this country.

Aspire Lifestyles: And from where or how do you draw your inspiration?

Chef Grossi: Through local seasonal produce, we are always researching what the farms and fisheries are producing. There are some very unique products available today that might not have been 10 years ago so I find talking and working with producers a constant form of inspiration for me and my creations in the kitchen.

Aspire Lifestyles: What are your favourite flavours for this year?

Chef Grossi: I love them all. At the moment, it would be the beautiful stone fruits, but I’m looking forward to the cooler months and for the return of the mushrooms!

Aspire Lifestyles: Have you always wanted to be a Chef?

Chef Grossi: Funnily no! I wanted to be a Policeman or an Aircraft Engineer. But blame it on my dad…because he used to take me into kitchens since I was a little boy. So as soon as I was able to, I was in there learning and the rest became history!

Aspire Lifestyles: What is your ‘Go to’ hidden gem dining experience?

Chef Grossi: I like travelling and going to difference places to enjoy their local dishes. Just recently in London, we went to The Ledbery showcasing produce in a luxurious manner. There is also a lovely little restaurant called Pinnota, in North Fitzroy that prepares a bowl of pasta so tasty that it warmed my soul.

Aspire Lifestyles: If you were to invite some Chef’s to a dinner party who would you choose?

Chef Grossi: That’s a hard one…I cannot answer because I’m going to upset too many friends. (laughs)

Aspire Lifestyles: Who does the cooking at home?

Chef Grossi: We share, everyone has a go at preparing something. Or we make pizzas in our large pizza oven at home and everyone contributes their favourite ingredient. There is a beautiful feeling of satisfaction when you feed your family – that is truly my favourite.

Aspire Lifestyles: And what is your favourite dish?

Chef Grossi: I love them all and I have an answer but I’ll keep you guessing!

As a partner of our Global Preferred Dining Program, all reservations through Aspire Lifestyles enjoy exclusive privileges when dining at Grossi Florentino, The Grill or Merchant Osteria Veneta.