Our People, Our Stories – Celebrating Diversity

As I approach my 6th year at Aspire Lifestyles, I have been reflecting on my journey with the business.

Going through my fond memories of the first day, all the major changes that took place and several positions held throughout the years, I would credit our success today to the culture of teamwork and diversity that has been nurtured and developed in every part of the business.

In my current role as an Operations Manager, I head a team of 30 talented lifestyle Concierges, responding to all member requests. The nature of our work often requires long hour shifts and frequent adherence to service upgrades, which one may consider intimidating. Friends and family often ask what strength I have to uphold the position so long. Answering them, I gladly say it’s not my strength, but my team that walks through fire with me and motivates me to be a better manager every day.

It’s diversity that bonds us together.

With 6 different nationalities and 30 distinct personalities, our work day has never seen boredom. From Adobo recipe, a homecoming dish for Filipinos to tales about the pristine Tana Toraja in Indonesia, we excite each other with stories about our origins. Our differences bring out the mischievous in each of us that fills the workspace with endless jokes and laughter. During the months of a new programme launch, the team’s schedule usually becomes tighter. Often time, without any prior request, my team members would come to me saying “I’ve finished for today, but if you need me, I can stay for another few hours”. As a manager, these are the most encouraging and heartfelt words for me. Going through times like this as a team takes our relationship to a different level, where each of us does our very best to never let the team down.

I believe differences are to be discovered through conversations and stories. The world is indeed colourful, and as our business celebrates diversity, we open ourselves to new perspectives and ideas, prompting new adventures and opportunities to bring more of the extraordinary to life.

Caroline Sanders – Service Delivery Manager, Aspire Lifestyles Singapore